What in the world of vaping concentrates?


Over the last couple of years, the marijuana culture has gained ever more ground and popularity. An increase in decriminalization or legalization of THC methods of consumption and distribution play a pivotal role in this expansion. One of the many consequences of it are the more intricate extraction methods we have today. Another benefit is an improvement health-wise: medicinal purposes or recreational use, it doesn’t matter – the concentrates bring to the table a plethora of upgrades over old-school methods. The classic joint smoking method is to be soon left behind, in the wake of these trends and findings. A higher rate of cannabinoids per product unit is desirable, so it’s not a surprise that concentrates turn a huge profit on the market. Moreover, they generate a subculture worthy of attention.

The basics – what’s what in the world of vaping

22lkcnblkfjklFirst off, research is always your friend before making investments such as vaporizers, dab rigs, pipes or other delivery methods. They can cost you some hundreds of dollars, depending on your needs. Since it’s a vastly growing market, rest assured the options are myriad. As far as Vaping Concentrates go, the content of cannabinoids varies. Take dry sieve hash, for example – considered low-grade usually, but can have a THC content of up to 65%. CO2 Oil is a concentrate that can have anywhere between 50% to 70% THC. And the examples go on. BHO, considered by many to be one of the best to get your hands on, can achieve a whopping 90% cannabinoid content. If we go even deeper, we find variations within the creation of the product itself – shatter, sugar, budder, etc., depending on how you prefer your consistency. Try to start with the basic stuff, and learn about the various processes that go into producing these concentrates. It gives an idea about what the right choice is from your angle.

Tools of the trade – how to get your vape on

Moving on, another welcomed outcome of this subculture boom is the various ways in which you can vape. The vaporizers vary from the more subtle and portable to those dazzlingly complex kits which are carefully manufactured to bring you the exact concentration and draw. To keep in mind are factors such as when you prefer to vape, or how often. You can find a lot of vaping products that are specifically designed for concentrates. Dabbing rigs are also an option, but they are in a class of their own. Be wary of cheap items containing plastic elements such as cartridges. They are a health concern since the heat can interfere and produce vapors from plastic – you don’t want to inhale that at all.

The fascinating world of vaping

33jnvjlfngjAmazing is that we get to live in an era of revival. The growth of the marijuana culture has seen some great economic improvements and has led to some interesting medical findings. The vape subculture is one that stands on its own, bringing you closer to a community which becomes more and more accepted in society, both culturally and at an institutional level.

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