Understanding The Different Types Of Medical Walkers

Medical walkers are some of the ambulatory aids that were initially designed for elderly users that have mobility problems. Seniors are prone to diseases, which affect their sitting down or walking such weakened bone structure, loss of muscle strength, and arthritis. Fortunately, medical walkers are meant to help them. You can check some top picks at www.upliftingmobility.com. Ensure you purchase one that meets your needs and it is within your budget.

Types of medical walkers

Standard walkerstg23e6y3e7du28i92i22

They are simplest walkers that have four legs with handles on both sides. Handles offer grip to the users and are connected across by the horizontal bars. Some have seats for resting and room for other accessories, which make them more interesting to use.

To use it, you will need to lift it up and place it in front of the senior. He or she will take a short step forward and start using it. It is advisable to have a standard walker with a seat to ensure the user does not get tired when using it. It gives the user an opportunity to take rests in between its use.

Medical walkers with wheels

These are designed to offer more comfort as compared to standard walkers for seniors. In fact, they are ideal for seniors that do not want to be inconvenienced by the standard walkers. The fact that they have wheels means that the user only needs to push the device. Moreover, wheels make it quite easy to use the walker both indoors and outdoors.

Types of walkers with wheels

Two wheel walkers

This is an innovative modification of a four-legged walker. It has two front wheels instead of 4 front legs. Also, back legs feature rubber to prevent damaging the floors and carpet. It can have seats and accessories.

Three wheel walkers

These look like a wheelbarrow as it a front wheel and two behind wheels rather than legs. They do not have seats but are great for maneuvering small and narrow spaces and smooth surfaces.

Four wheel walkers

Thesetg23e6dy2e7u28i29 are known to be the best mobility walkers. This is because they are more stable as compared to three wheel walkers. You will also find them comfortable. Some have a basket under the seat where to place your accessories and reading materials. They also come with zippered bags and trays. Some advanced units have parts such as hand grips and brakes.

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